I have built an application chain for installing the groupwise 7 client. This chain first copies the windows messaging, then installs the windows messaging, and then installs groupwise7 client.

Whe I start this chain I get the following error message on one PC (not on another)

A dependent application failed to install.
[App: A-GW-WMS-Setup.APL.LICOM] (id=183)

In the background I see that the application is running without problems. The strange thing is that the error appears before the application setup has finished (actually the error message starts at the moment the application starts to execute.

When I unravel the chain on this PC and start each of the application objects manually. The A-GW-WMS-Setup.APL.LICOM runs without any problem.

Any ideas why this error message appears. It is halting my installtion and reporting a problem, where there isn't any.