I have a Weird question/problem. We were running Border Manager
3.8.4 on Novell Netware 6.0 SP5. We were running both the HTTP Proxy
and the Transparent Proxy.

On Tuesday the 2nd of April, due to a power supply going bad, the
server restarted on its own. The behavior of the Border Manager
Logging has changed between before that reboot and after that reboot.
Before the reboot we had only IP addresses in the logs with no URL's.
This, as I understand it, is correct when using the transparent proxy.
However starting at that reboot the logs are now populated with the
Correct URL's for the sites visited. While this is a desirable
change WHY did it change? I've made no changes to how the users
connect to the proxy. The only line that changed in the Proxy.CFG
file was the addition of "TransparentProxySupportsVirtualServers=1"
under [extra configuration]. I added that line to fix a problem with
viewing a clients web hosts but had not reset the proxy before the
reboot. I don't see how that flag would affect logging.

I have since then Upgraded to SP5 and SP5IR1 and the logging of url's
has continued. As I said this is actually a desirable change but the
transparent proxy documentation says that I should only see IP
addresses? Am I looking at old documentation?

Thanks for your help

Dan Larson
Network Administrator
Miller And Co.