Hi, Our messenger agent is showing errors as below...

201 SPL Login failed [0xD130]: - An invalid tag was discovered

This is only happening for users on 2 machines at the moment, if the user
logs in from another workstation it is fine.

They are both XP and to our knowledge have not recieved any windows updates
since last week (when they worked fine)

The only thing(s) that could of caused this to our knowledge are...

1. A power cut at the remote site caused damage to some of there equipment,
including a DSL router. This was replaced, and other users who connect
behind the same router have no issues connecting.

2. More likely to cause this - the NW65 TCP patch "TCP681K" has been applied
to our messenger server recently.

Any ideas? I cant find the documentation that gives anything for the error
code or description???

Thanks in advance