I'm discussing this with Marcus at Connectotel, but I thought I'd see if anyone here has the same problem.

I just upgrades to BM39 SP1. The upgrade went just fine and Connectotel seemed to be working. But then I noticed that some sites were not being blocked.

For example, we have "proxy" checked for our student population and I can still get to any proxy site when logged in as a student. So I thought it was a connectotel problem. BUT...

I also have a different rule set up to block configured URLs where I can simply add any URL I want. I tried adding a proxy like www.sneakanon.com to this rule and it did not block it. However, when I added it manually to the connectotel list, it did block it. I double checked and www.sneakanon.com is indeed in our blacklist/proxy folder. (dated 4/4/08 so I think it is current)

I'm not certain the problem is all connectotel if my other rule does not block either.

Any ideas?