I am having difficulties mapping a drive to one of our NW 6.5.4 servers.

Let me start from the beginning:
I have a user account 'batman' that currently logs in (from a windows95 workstation with a Novell 3.0.1 client) into a Netware 4.11 server. This server is located in this container:
The 'batman' user account was created for this really old Windows95 application that authenticates via bindery.
Everything Works Fine.

However, I am trying to Migrate away from the Netware 4.11 server, and over to a New Netware 6.5.4 server.

The new server is ME-NW1. it is in a different container:

When i try to log into the NW6.5.4 server from the Windows95 workstation, i get an error during the Drive Mappings:
Authenticating to server ME-NW1.
Login was unable to authenticate and will now try connecting as bindery.
Error code: fffffd1b.
LOGIN-4.21.12-100: Access has been denied.
LOGIN-4.21.12-460: The server that you attempted to map a drive to
is not accessible.
The map command was F:=ME-NW1\SYS:.

That is my problem.
From this windows95 workstation, I can Not map to any NW 6.5 servers in the tree.
But I Can map to the Netware 4.11 servers in the tree.
(I am fairly sur emy problem is with the old version of both Windows95 and the novell 3.0.1 client.)

Does anyone have any insight?

I did read something that said i may have a bindery context problem.
So i tried running this from the System COnsole of the Netware 6.5 server (MED-NW1):
"set bindery context = ou=me.ou=wce.o=mm"

Unfortunately, the logger screen gave me this:
"Bindery context .ou=me.ou=wce.o=mm NOT set, illegal replica type.
Error: The Bindery context container must be set to a location that is present in a replica on this server."

So, I dont know if this 'bindery context' is related to my Real problem... but i figured i'd mention it anyways.

i am stuck, and come here seeking insight. :)
I am open to any suggestions. Thank you