We migrated several printers on a Netware 5.1 server (all HP laser, internal Jetdirect or JD170x) from queue/IPX only printing to NDPS printing. The broker and manager load correctly.

The problem is that there is now a small (1 second) delay between print jobs. This would not be a problem but when printing ~1600, one page statements the delay is significant. We can print to them via direct TCP/IP and the delay does not exist.

We used the HP NDPS gateway. I found a KB reguarding discontinued support and tried to switch to the Novell gateway. When we try to use the Novell gateway the printers come up as "not attached" (not bound?).

Printing was fine with the old queue printing. I don't know if we can move to iPrint because the application can only print to a legacy queue - we set each NDPS printer to service the old queue.

The printers are HP4250 and HP3505 color lasers.