We have a request to create srv records for a web application and need some
clarification. We have a web app - we'll call it app.company.com that will
run on 2 windows servers.

We set up 2 srv entries. We created them with the owner as app.company.com,
service http, protocol tcp and one with a higher priority as requested.

We can run an nslookup with set type srv and that resolves fine for
http.tcp.app.company.com. But shouldn't we also be able to resolve
app.company.com in a web browser? When we do that it can't resolve the name.
Do we need to create any other records for this to work?

Here is the entry from the DB file:

$ORIGIN app.company.com.
HTTP.TCP SRV 10 100 80 server-01.company.com.
SRV 20 100 80 server-02.company.com.

We are running Netware 6.5 sp6 DNS.