Using Zenworks 7, I have tried several experiments and all of them seem to
fail. If I do any kind of Windows install, then make a image, then restore
the image, it works just fine. However, if I also install Linux, and use the
Linux multiboot menu, and save an image, when I restore the image, only
Windows can be accessed, the boot menu is gone. I also noticed that if I
try to make an image of Suse 10.2, when I re-image the system back to Suse
10.2, it constantly reboots or only gives me a GRUB prompt and nothing else.

Is there a parameter or switch someplace in Zenworks to make sure it
includes Sector 0, 1 ,5 ,6, etc. etc.?

Also, I noticed something else. If it is a windows only system, and I have a
second partition which is hidden that I keep a ghost image in, and I have a
ZEN image of this system; If I re-image via ZEN, all the data is there, but
for some reason, the second hidden partition is no longer hidden. Other
than that, it works fine.