nw65sp6, client4.91sp3, zen7.0.1, windowsXPsp2

Workstation GPO is being associated to WS objects in eDir to set ntp source and also restrict users from opening and modifying the date/time control panel in Windows.

All works fine as I want it to, but there are a few users who at times need to adjust the time to a different time/date settings. To allow this I have to either disassociate the policy from the workstation object or simply allow it on the policy. I am looking for a way to keep the policy and be able to specify which users can modify the date/time using GPO.

From within the policy, I can see that I would be able to select users from Active Directory, but unfortunately that is not available to me as I am running Edir. Is there a way to specify eDir users in the GPO settings.

Hope that this makes sense.