Just a quick question regarding file indexing using Quickfinder. This is on
NetWare in our environment but I am posting it here since there doesn't
seem to be an appropriate forum for NetWare.

I currently have Quickfinder running on Server A, and would like to index
the contents of a volume on Server B. My question is, how do you do this?
Can Quickfinder on Server A access the volume on Server B, or do I need to
run Quickfinder on Server B and have the index copied to Server A?

We are evaluating Quickfinder for internal search and need to know as we
have several clustered servers hosting file shares that we wish to search.
It appears that we will have to install Quickfinder on each of these
servers since I cannot seem to get the current Quickfinder instance (Server
A) to search anything other than its own local filesystem.