I have a server with two volumes sharing a 134 GB NSS Pool. The first
volume (in nssmu and "novell volume statistics" via the client) states
it has 82.63 GB of free space and is using 2.9 GB. The second volume
has a 100GB quota and states that it has 49 GB of Free space and 51 GB
of Used space.

The problem is that I can only locate 14 or so Gig of files on the
second drive. I made sure that I can view hidden and system files and I
used both Windows explorer and Treesize Professional to try to determine
where the missing 35 or so Gig of free space went. Both report only
about 14 Gig of files on the volume. Any idea what is going on? This
is a NW 6.5 sp 7 box.