Our Resident Services department handles the maintenance for about 10
apartment communities we own and operate here in Richmond. All the work
orders are created with this little proprietary software application
MS2000 and yes, it is from around 2000. It uses a MS Access Database
for its guts and all that good stuff. WELL back in January my partner
in crime here in ISD went over with them how to back up that little
..mdb file. I got a call yesterday morning that good’ol MS2000 was
acting up again. No big deal, I will just run a repair and compact that
has always fixed any little errors they have had. And I did just that,
called her back and told her to give it a try and let me know if she
was still having any issues after that.

Well…seems when she opened the database she was back in November 2006.
We said, “No big deal, you guys have been running your backups. Right?”
Yeah, my poor (l)users have been backing up alright, they have been
back up the .ldb file. We still can’t figure out what happened in the
first place. I am thinking that ol’girl that was doing the .ldb backups
over wrote the good database file with an old copy she had on her
system somehow. Well needless to say, the only good backup they had was
one from January when we showed them how to do it.

Now I am trying to find a cheap and easy way to automate this backup
thing for them…

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