Is this a problem of ADPT160M.HAM driver?

The Adaptec 29160 *DOES* recognize the tape drive and *DOES* report it during
POST when exiting the adapter's part of POST.

But the TS400 device is not recognized with NetWare, even not as an Unbound
Device Object.

The latest ADPT160M.HAM I could get was Ver. 18.33.13 Thursday, 17 November 2005

The HAM load makes the device to be busy for some seconds. So does a SCAN ALL. A
Tandberg SLR streamer plugged in chain behind the TS400 *IS* recognized as device

I tried so far:
- 2 different cables
- 2 different 29160 controllers
- 3 different terminators (U320 + U160 certified)
- different SCSI IDs (always unique)
- 2 different tape drives of same type, TS400 (220 LTO Ultrium 1).
- NW6.5sp7

The same tape drive plugged to the onboard SCSI of our old, G1 Proliant ML 530 is
recognized perfectly:

Loaded from [C:\NWSERVER\DRIVERS\] on 28 Mar 2008 16.55.59
(Address Space = OS)
Compaq Ultra/Fast/Wide SCSI-2 HAM v1.43
Version 1.43 18 January 2001
Copyright 1995,2001 Compaq Computer Corporation. All rights reserved.
NWSERVER1:list devices
0x0025: [V500-A4-D4:0] QUANTUM DLT-S4 [TAPE]
0x002B: [V500-A4-D2:0] TANDBERG_TS400 [TAPE]

Tandberg Data tells that it *SHOULD* work fine without any trouble with 29160
controllers, they have plenty of them in use with Windows 2k/xp/2k3 -- but not
with NetWare...

So they suggested a DOA replacement, suspecting their drive has a fault. That
replacement has the *SAME* problem. So I checked with WinXP: works perfectly.

This Tandberg Ultrium 1 (200/400) Streamer is supposed to be used with AS11.sp3
with the latest device update, which is fine as of feedback of AS support,

Any suggestions? I suspect a ADTP160M.HAM (??) issue, as with the also old ML530
SCSI + CPQSCSI.HAM it's working fine...

Regards, Rudi.

Tandberg SLR Ultrium 1
not recognized not listed
netware nw6.5.6 NW656 NW6.5.7 NW657
Adaptec adpt160m.ham