I think I'm sending myself up a creek without a clue what's going on.

We currently have DNS and DHCP running on two seperate Netware servers.
Individually the services are working great but DDNS has completely snapped
in half and I gave up working with a Novell service rep over a year ago.

So there's this new Linux thing out there and I thought it give it a try.
I read stuff online, went through support TIDs and got some half answers.
So I took a plunge, created a test network and installed SLES 10 sp1 on a
server (which was way way to difficult - took 4 attempts before the install
actually worked - here-nor-there).

I've backed off of installing OES2 so far becuase of the included
eDirectory version. We are quite happy on 8.7.3 and don't have any real
interest to make the switch at this time.

I've gotten installed on my Linux box and have ConsoleOne running
and I can get into the tree (I'm calling that a milestone for me). Now I
hit the spot and getting the eDirectory enabled versions of DNS and DHCP
have got me stumped.

Overall I would like to have DNS, DHCP, and DDNS managed via eDirectory.
I'm also wanting to build some redundancy in by having 2 DNS servers
(reading the same eDirectory containers) and 2 DHCP servers (again reading
the same container), without going into clustering if I can avoid it.

Am I doing a pipe dream or have I missed the one document I need to
enlighten myself.