Hi Guys,

The scenario is as follows:

NetWare 6.5 SP5
GroupWise 6.5 SP4 (approx 370GB)

Running on a DELL PowerEdge 2650 using CommVault Galaxy 6.1 to backup.
Dual Xeon processor
Data Volume on EMC CX3-20 SAN (with 30% free space)
Broadcomm NIC (running B57.LAN driver ver 7.61)

When CommVault was first installed this backup used to complete in approx 8 hrs (although the GroupWise system was approx 69GB smaller). The scan started at 9pm and the job completed around 5:30am.

This job has slowly blown out in the past 12 months to approx 19hours. - a 69GB increase can't equate to an additional 11hrs in the backup window.

There do not appear to be any network issues (ie collisions etc). NICs at the switch and servers end are conmfigured to match.

Obviously GroupWise activity suring the day impredes the backup speed and vice versa.

Any suggestions/comments please.