My traditional NetWare 6.5sp6 server recently started to complain that it's certificate expired in October 2005. Why did it only start to complain a couple of weeks ago, who knows.

To renew the certificate I've used PKIDIAG, and TCKEYGEN, and last night I rebooted the server to get NRM all happy with the new certificate. This morning when I got to work, and attempted to get into iManager to administer some iPrint things, I learned that Tomcat did not start after the server reboot last night. NRM worked fine, but iManager gave me a - "Error 503 service unavailable".

On the logger screen I see LDAPVerifier exited with status -9, and an error referring to Bootstrap and status -9. I know the problem is getting the new certificate into the Tomcat world, yet I can't seen to get it in there to satisfy Tomcat . I've searched for some TIDs, byt haven't found the one that'll fix Tomcat for me.

Help and ideas will be appreciated.