I've created a User Defined field named "Location" with a list of locations for the entire zone. When viewing the list from the Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory wepbage, the list is alphabetical order as it was entered and imported when I created the User Defined field. It also shows up in alphabetical order Collection Data Form configuration page.

However, when viewing the field list from the Collection Data Form feature of the ZAA tray icon, the list is completely out of order. It isn't even listed in the order that the data is stored within in the SQL database in the table NC_ChoiceListItem.

It is a large list, and pretty useless if it can't be browsed in alphabetical order, which means we'd basically need to disable the Collection Data Form feature from the ZAA icon tasktray.

Has anyone else experienced this behavior in the ZAA Collection Data Form using User Defined Fields and lists? System defined fields with lists are correctly sorted alphabetically when viewing the Collection Data Form from the ZAA tasktray icon.