I have been having frequent, every 5 days or so, abends and restarts on
the server. It always double faults, something it never did before. It
is a Dell Power Edge 2600 running Groupwise, Backup Exec, Zenworks for
Desktops and it acts as a print server. This server was much more stable
on SP3 than it is now. Tried to install SP5 back when it came out and I
wound up re-installing Netware because of the state it was left in, so I
left it at SP3. I am really thinking of going back to SP3 since that was
where this server behaved best. Trying to figure out what is causing
this is difficult since it appears to be a different module each time it
I am looking for feedback since I would rather stay at this patch
level but I can't if this keeps occurring. I don't recall if the nic and
hard drive drivers were updated when I ran SP7. Had thought it might
be good to get the updates from Dell and install them. Again, any
guidance it appreciated.