Hello All,

I've been using rsync for a few years, in the unsupported, stand alone fashion, from/to Netware 6.5. Works great, very happy with it. We're gradually moving to OES2 Linux and I want to have my rsync daemons running on Linux and receive data from Netware. So far in my testing I can't make this work. Between two OES2 Linux servers, it works fine. On Netware I'm using the Novell ported rsync NLM 2.6.2 and on OES2, I'm using what ever the latest stable version is, as of April, 2008.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here, is this not possible, or am I just doing something wrong? The daemon has the simplest of conf files and I'm using rsync options on the Netware side the same as I'd use from Netware to Netware.

Any ideas?