I have just upgraded most of my servers in the tree to 6.5 sp7 from sp6.

My remaining server which was the master has yet to be updated. As of
today has been playing up, so I moved master role to another box. It is
still the certificate server and hosts dirxml services.

I cannot run dsrepair on this box. Infact dsrepair unloads the database.

The error I recieve from dsrepair is the following:

Insufficient disk space or missing file, Error: -785


Automated Repair mode cannot continue since the local database is not open.

I need to load ds.nlm or restart the server and then the server appears
to be running as normal.

I am finding the box very unstable.

When directory services are loaded I can run a local repair with
following options:

Perform database structure and index check NO
Rebuild entire database Yes
All others default, and this appears to run with about 200 errors which
do not decrease with each running of dsrepair auto repair.

As I said dsrepair will normally unload the directory.

What can I try and do?