I have used the Cool Solution Netware to OES2 Migration guide as a very good reference guide on a number of occasions. However, I got badly bitten this week when a clients' system ran out of disc space:- Not on the nss volumes, but on the / volume where the eDirectory DIB files are stored!. I used as a guidline the disc formatting shown in the article and had 16GB free on this partition for installation. I had to restart the server after 3 weeks, during which time a lot of information had been uploaded to the system. When the server re-started, eDirectory would not load and hence no nss. When I came to run a repair on the edirectory I had 354MB of free space on / and an edirectory size of 1.6GB. To compund the issue, it was not possible to expand the / volume as it was the wrong sort of structure and there was no additional space on the server. I was then faced with the task of fully backing up the system, re-partitioning the server (40GB to / this time) and restoring the files.

The down side is that:
a: Portlock does not work yet on the SUSE installation.
b: I used Backup exec 12 to back up the nss volumes, which seemed to work fine. Found on restore that it the restore did not assign the netware rights to the files, subdirectoies, volumes and you could not assign permissions from console one etc. You could see the files and use the files if you were administrator, but not assign rights to anything (even directories).
I solved the above problem by doing a copy from a computer with a novell client, of each subdirectory to the same location, and deleting the original. The copies could then be assigned netware rights etc.
c: I had to re-assign the BL!!!DY rights for everything on the system.

All is now working fine, but I hope that this will prevent anyone getting caught this way in future.