I just wanted to chime in here on the beta 2. I am running now on my third
day with it and it has been very solid and much much faster and more stable
than its windows counterpart. Now for some additional info. I ran the
windows version on VMware server 1.04 on top on a opensuse box. I have now
been running the linux version in SLES 10 SP1 virtualized on Xen. I know it
is not supported but it works a heck of a lot better than vmware server. I
know I stretch the boundaries of what is supported but I was running the
windows along with many others in a VM long before it was supported. As I
was told by the developers at brainshare it is so much faster and more
stable than the windows counterpart. The other thing that really seems
strange is that since I converted my battery life has actually gone up on
my Moto Q. This is a phone that is known to eat batteries. I know this
doesn't make sense but it is true.

Thanks for what seems to be shaping up to be a great product. The only thing
I would really like to see is the Docs to be a little more beefy. Some real
grey areas in there.

Rick Bousquet