Hi all!

My client is unable to check-in:
- the About dialog box of the ZENworks Security Client says that "check-in status: check-in incomplete"
- the log file says that
<Entry Stamp='2008-04-10 15:21:48:0843' Level='Warning' Category='Check In' Event='Failed to download credential'><![CDATA[
MS URL: https://myserver/authenticationserver/userservice.asmx
Error: 0x00000005: Access denied.]]>

I suspect I have a certification problem though
- before the client installation, I copied the certification file ESM-MS.cer into the same folder containing SETUP.EXE (as recommended by the installation guide at page 58)
- I imported ESM-MS.cer (and ESM-DS.cer, too) into Internet Explorer and therefore it can display the page https://fules/authenticationserver/userservice.asmx without any certificate warnings

Any ideas?