Under a NSS folder (/media/nss/VOL1/Apps/Ztodel/), we have many broken links that point on non-existent files.

Permissions are the following :

drwxrwxrwx 1 root root .... Ztodel (directory)

l--------- 2 root root ... (for every orphan link under Ztodel directory).
l--------- 2 root root ...
l--------- 2 root root ...
l--------- 2 root root ...

In a tool like ConsoleOne, only the folder can be seen. When we try to remove it, the system tell us it is not empty.

On the OES-L system, we tried to remove it with the rm command or wipe command, unsuccessfully :
rm: cannot remove `anis1.exe': Permission denied

We tried to change permissions with chmod. Nothing (no error but no permission changed).

Before destroying the partition with fdisk (after backup, sure) and recreating the volume, have you got an idea ?


CG of the Nievre