Not sure the subject makes sense but here goes. We are running GW7.0.2 and our GW clients are setup originally to send/receive via an external POP server. This works fine. The Blackberry craze caught on so we have BES 4.1.3 but we ran into issues with certain messages not forwarding to the BB. We had implemented a POP downloader so people didn't have to leave their PCs running with the GW client so it downloaded their mail with their PCs shutdown. BB support provided a tool to troubleshoot and we were getting FID Check Failures and saw that the messages not making it to the BB had a 0 for the FID in the message which BB cannot recognize as beloning to the user. If we turned off the POP download on the GW client, and enabled the POP downloader, the messages would make it to the BB. The only difference is the POP downloader goes through the GWIA to deliver the messages after it has download any available POP mail. Can anyone explain or have any theories why the GW client POP send/receive would not assign the FID to messages? We just installed 7.0.2 so some have 7.0.2 client but most have 6.5.7. The BES has 6.5.7 as well.