I've got a tree with some 6.5 servers in it. One of the servers had a hardware failure and we ended up removing it from the tree. It held the Certificate Authority. So, I ended up deleting the old CA object and tried recreating it. However, every time I go to recreate it, it acts like it's going to work, but when you click on Finish and the bar starts ticking across, it fails without an error. Just stops processing. When I go to re-add the CA object with the same name it tells me it already exists. If I try to re-add with a new name, it gives me the same issue described above, fails on the install and doesn't leave any traces or errors.

So, I need help with a couple things. 1. How do I clean up the failed CA objects if no objects are created to clean up? 2. Any ideas on how to get my CA object to get created? I just downloaded the latest C1 and eDir Snapins, but it didn't seem to help any. I've also tried repairing the local database on the servers in question. Didn't seem to help. Would love to have any suggestions.