i have a ZLM 7.2 Server up and running. All Patches are installed. A "rug ping" gave me:

ZMD 7.2.1, Copyright (C) 2007 Novell, Inc.
Startzeitpunkt: 10.04.2008 12:52:05 (Aktiv: 0 Tage, 4 Stunden, 14 Minuten)
RSS-Größe: 40024
Netzwerk angeschlossen: Ja
Ausgeführt auf Mono 1.2.2

BS-Ziel: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86_64)

Name des Moduls | Beschreibung
Image Agent Module | Novell ZENWorks Imaging Agent
Policy Manager | Manages policy enforcement on the device
Settings | Handles Settings refresh events.
TessModule | Tess Module
Inventory | Software and Hardware inventory module for Linux
NetworkManager | NetworkManager support
Package Management | Package Management module for Linux
RMModule | Remote Management module
ZENworks Server | SOAP methods used by a ZENworks server
Scheduled Actions | Scheduled Actions module for ZMD
XML-RPC interface | Export ZMD public interfaces over XML-RPC

When i want to install the SLED10-SP1-Updates-bundle to a SLED10SP1-Machine the /var/log/zmd-messages.log on this machine displayed the following:

Updating dbus-1-qt3-0.60-33.16.i586[System packages] to dbus-1-qt3-0.60-33.20.3.i586[Mandatory Bundles]
Installing dbus-1-devel-0.60-33.17.3.i586[Mandatory Bundles]
Installing dbus-1-qt3-devel-0.60-33.20.3.i586[Mandatory Bundles]
There are no installable providers of libstdc++-devel for dbus-1-qt3-devel-0.60-33.20.3.i586[Mandatory Bundles]
There are no installable providers of glib2-devel for dbus-1-devel-0.60-33.17.3.i586[Mandatory Bundles]
dbus-1-0.60-33.13.i586[System packages] provides dbus-1 == 0.60-33.13, but is scheduled to be uninstalled.
Can't satisfy requirement dbus-1 == 0.60-33.13 for dbus-1-qt3-0.60-33.16.i586[System packages]
Can't install dbus-1-qt3-0.60-33.20.3.i586[Mandatory Bundles], since dbus-1-qt3-0.60-33.20.3.i586[Mandatory Bundles] is already marked as needing to be installed
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid.

On the SLED10SP1-Machine also the newest version of the ZLM-Agent is installed (it was the ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management Agent IR1a).

The SLED10SP1-Updates Repository on https://update.novell.com is mirrored on my server.

I don't know why this package causes this error. The only thing what happened in the past, was that the SLED10SP1-Machine was newly installed from dvd and a Online-Update with the Novell-Servers was done. After that the machine was registered to my ZLM-Server and the Update-Bundle was assigned.

In my Catalog (it is called SLED10-SP1-Update) i have three Bundles. One contains the update-files from the Novell-Server (this one who was mirrored). One contains the rpm's from the SLED10SP1-i586-DVD (called SLED10-SP1-i586-Distro). And the last one contains the rpm's from the SLED10SP1-x86_64-DVD (called SLED10-SP1-x86_64-Distro). I've uploaded them via zlman to the ZLM-Server (because the zlmload-utility won't work perfect) and assigned them to the SLED10-SP1-Update Catalog.

Has anybody a idea what's going wrong?