This is starting to annoy me. Its not really major but when I install a new feature and install the yast2-module for the feature its not coming up in yast2.

Some services do but not all of them. It does refresh installed modules on startup but its missing some. For example I have installed (via yast software management) evms and I have checked the box yast2-storage-evms which should install into yast the config options for evms.

The same is true for iFolder but they are not where they are support to be and I can't find them in the menus. I am not sure if this is a bug with yast in general or if it is just the OES items that are not coming up or am I suppose to be refreshing something?

Anyone else experienced this problem?

Its not particularly crucial but its getting annoying - because then you have to hunt around for the command line tools for the services