I am using iSCSI for backup to disk. The target is SUSE 10 and initiator
is NW 6.5 sp7. The speed isn't so great, so I'm trying to make sure I've
got Jumbo frames setup properly. I've added the switch Jumbo=9000 to my
netinfo.cfg file, as per a post here by Massimo from 15-Aug-2007.

So the load network card line looks like this:

LOAD B57 NAME=B57_1_EII_EII FRAME=Ethernet_II SLOT=10019 Speed=AUTO
RxBuffers=200 Jumbo=9000

But when I look in Monitor > LAN/WAN Drivers the Jumbo Packet Size
(bytes) still reads 0. So, I don't think I'm getting Jumbo frames happening.

I've also set the following:
TCP delayed acknowledgement =on
tcp nagle algorithm=on
tcp minshall algorithm=on
set tcp maximum inital receive window = 64

and in startup.ncf
set maximum physical receive pacet size = 1800

Can anyone help me figure this out?