Our guys and gals are doing really great! Check the numbers for this

Fuzzy He gets a pass this week for Post Op
Tom 3.17%
Chris 0.70%
Travis 0.29%
Mary 0.95%
Danita 0.59%

The leader this week is Tom with 3.17%, but since this number is
combined with his last week numbers I am awarding the Pat On The Back
to Mary for coming in at .95% Great Job Mary.

Over All

Fuzzy 0.46%
Tom 1.85%
Chris 2.10%
Travis 3.76%
Mary 2.20%
Danita 2.93%

Travis is still our leader in overall numbers. Great job Travis!
Everyone keep up the good work!

We have lost a total of 13.31% in NCCI!

"Moldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle to death." She