Iím looking for advice from the community on the best methods of
migrating from Zen7 to ZCM in college computer labs. This summer, our
IT department will be re-imaging 1,500 workstations. As part, we will
be migrating these workstations from Zen7 to ZCM. In our labs, file and
print sharing is turned off, so central deployment of the agent isnít
much of an option unless we leverage Zen7 to distribute the ZCM agent.
Then, after the agent is deployed we can utilize the ZCC to assign and
deploy images automatically.

Iíve read andystewartSLís Cool Solution on installing the adaptive agent
in the image and this method would work for us, but I want to know if
anyone else has considered methods or approaches to this type of task.

Jason Loomans
Moraine Park Technical College