I have added and expanded a 72.8 gig hot swappable drive to my current server. The current array which has (2) 72.8 gig drives with one back up drive for redundency is one logical drive and has two volumes: SYS and VOLDOCS. The new drive is a second logical drive and I want to add the available storage spce to the VOLDOCS volume. I can see this in Remote Manager.

1. What steps do I have to take to add this storage space to my VOLDOCS volume? Does this have to be done after hours with everyone logged out? Do I have to reboot the server?

2. Do I risk losing any data doing this?

3. I have one more 72.8 gig drive that I want to add to my SYS volume. Is that possible and how do I go about doing that? or should I create a third volume and have that new drive become the new volume?

Thank you.