So, apparently, once you are in a mixed-mode cluster, you can't create a new cluster volume resource on the Linux side.

A little background. We are upgrading a 7 node cluster from NW to Linux. We are 3 nodes in (3 SLES, 4 NW) and have successfully migrated data volumes. We now need to migrate iPrint. iPrint on Linux doesn't support NSS volumes, so you have to create a linux fs volume to store the iPrint DB/Files and then migrate the printers to the new broker/manager.

However, once you are in mixed mode, evmsgui won't let you manage the disk. There is a TID (#3665444) which says this is for safety. I value this, but need a way to be unsafe and productive. I can't complete the migration without iPrint and i don't want to stand up a separate cluster for printing only.

I see this as a major roadblock to a successful migration. If you can't create new Linux cluster resources in a mixed node cluster and you can't run all current NCS resources on linux, then what's the solution????

I have opened an incident with NTS and will update this once we get resolution.