I am having problems with applications not preinstalling unless I install them in a certain order.

What I am doing is this:
I reimage the machine with my base image.
I lay down add on images of all of the programs I would like to preinstall (my addon images are created from application objects, so they need to install once the machine boots for the first time, I tried making it force run, but that just didn't work).
I set the applications as a dependency on an empty application object and set that object to pre-install with no schedule.
The applications install at first boot.

I am doing this with 4 applications as a test: Adobe PS CS2, SPSS, Adobe Reader 8.1.2 and RealOne player.

My problem is this: When I have SPSS install as anything but the first application, it will install the applications which are before SPSS, but then stop and I will be unable to distribute any more applications (even manually). If I have SPSS install first, it continues installing the other applications just fine and once it is done, I am able to distribute other applications normally. Is this indicative of a user error, or is there something I am missing? Thanks.