I just got notified by my boss that the choice in identity management
software we had been pondering has been made. It got made because
Microsoft's hosted-exchange product for .edu student email requires(1) the
use of their ILM product, and they'll make us such-a-deal for it.

So. One function requiring some form of identity management software
forces the choice enterprise wide. Admittedly, it makes good economic
sense(2). The price differential between ILM with this product and the
Novell IDM products we'd need are so high as to be nigh insurmountable.

Yeah, cost. I've griped about this one before in here. It turns out that
it isn't quite as cheap as we thought it was, but it is still about a
fifth the cost of IDM. Hard to argue with numbers like that(2).

This is how it begins. One little(3) app forces a choice of some
technology (PHP or ASP? Hmm) and becomes the defacto default. Time passes,
and little did you know, that podunk conference-room scheduling
web-package managed to set the strategic web-development direction without
even realizing it.

The decision has been made, the deal is done. The only way we're shifting
off of ILM, or deciding to dual-stack, is if ILM fundamentally doesn't
support something we need it to do in the next 2-3 years.

This is me, griping about losing.

(1) Actually, it doesn't. You can use either ILM or something that speaks
SOAP. Like, say, IDM's SOAP driver.

(2) For certain values of economic, that don't include costing for staff

(3) 20,000+ students don't count as 'little' but you get the abstract

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