Just wondering if anyone has a solution to getting the Novell Conferencing client and the conferencing version of Pidgin running on a machine with GNUTLS_1_3.

Currently they both need GNUTLS_1_2.

A few ideas that I have are:
  1. Get GNUTLS_1_2 and GNUTLS_1_3 running on the same machine so that these clients can be installed
  2. Use Wine and the Windows Versions
  3. For Pidgin, install the ICECore components into the current version in use on the machine.

I have had a go using the Windows versions and Wine, the conferencing client appears to be OK, but I really have not done a lot of testing with it yet, the conferencing version of Pidgin does not run too well under Wine.

Any help or suggestions on this would be appreciated. I know that OpenSuse is not listed, but SLED is too far behind on device drivers for newer notebooks, hence the need to use OpenSuse 10.3

If anyone is testing the beta of SP2 for SLED, I would be interested to know what version of GNUTLS is in use.