This is a long story... :)
Earlier all worked fine. Then our ISP changed ip-address, but domain name left the same. I carefully passed all steps wrote in TIDs: correct filters, run pkidiag etc, but now still have a problem. When I try send mail on external web sites thru a web-interace clicing the "send" button in some seconds eroor 504 gateway timeout 9lost connection...) appears.

I thied to update my server to NW65sp7, tried to update bm38 to sp5ir1, tried to use Craig Johnson's proxy.cfg and some other pieces of advice but problem hasn't solved yet. When sending mail without proxy - all is ok.

I even tried to install a test copy of nwserver with bm39, but the result is the same. What else can I do. My management alredy wants me to migrate to microsoft, but I'm fond of Novell and its products.