We have an OES 2 server with all the latest updates.

We are running into an issue where most of the files do not record the file owner properly. Rather than being a username, the file owners are recorded as the server name.

Whats really weird, if a user can create a two files in the same directory, in the same day. One of them may have the file owner properly recorded as the username while the other is simply the server name.

We can't seem to find any commonality between the files that are correct and the files that are not. It does not affect file access as trustees are working. But we require the information for tracking/auditing.

Now, some people have told me the users need to be LUM enabled, but I didn't think that was a requirement anymore as per here Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Best Practices Migration Guide - File System Installation & Migration - CoolSolutionsWiki

So I don't think thats the issue. And that wouldn't describe why it works and sometime and not others for the same user.

Any ideas where to begin?