We have a GW7 server running on NW65SP7. We've had strange problems with DS apparently stops working and will not let anything authenticate to it. We've tried running a DSRepair on it, but it fails to lock the databases on an unattended repair and then we have to reboot it. We're also seeing caceh memory allocator out of available memory. Once it reboots, it runs fine again for a while.

Today, I tried something a little different when it happened. I unloaded DS and reloaded DS. It closed the database and when it reopened, it immediately abended and forced a server reset.

We've run DSRepairs after reboots and it finds a couple errors and fixes them. We have also run the Dell server diagnostics and memory tests and find no problems in the hardware. We have also had a Novell-certified tech come in and work the system over and we're still stuck.

Here's our server hardware specs:

Dell PowerEdge 2950
1 x 1.6GHZ quad-core Intel
4 x 146GB HDD (RAID-5)

Abend log from this latest abend attached.