For some reason my PXE has stopped responding.

I can reimage manually by forcing to boot on the network card (F12). (flag the wks for imaging then instead of using wol I manually start the wks and press F12 to simulate the wol)

For some reason whenever I flag a workstation for reimaging and use WOL (either using C1 or ZENworks Browser 4.3) the workstation does not seem to even try to boot from the nic. It goes straight to the Windows boot screen.

My Boot order is set to NIC card FIRST
CD second
HD Third.

I even tried disabling the CD and HD from the Boot order but same thing, straight to the Windows boot screen.

It is like the workstation is not attempting to listen to the network, or nothing is being sent to it.

This was working, to my knowledge nothing changed (we've all heard that before!)

Why is the workstation not booting with the pxe getting either "no work to do" or just reimaging?

So much for my demo in 1 hour , OUCH!