Running NW65SP7, I wanted to check something (see below) in INETCFG this
morning, and it's asking if I want to transfer load/bind commands from the
AUTOEXEC.NCF file, but this was already done when I setup the server, and I
checked the AUTOEXEC.NCF file and the sys:etc\initsys.ncf command is there
and the original load/bind commands are commented (#) out.

Why would it ask me this again? I don't want to say YES and have it mess up
my config somehow, but if there's something it has to do then I don't want
to stop it either...

Any ideas?

BTW I was trying to figure out why IPXS and IPXSPX NLM/MPM's, NCPIPX, WSPIPX
are loading (Novell tech services are recommending I remove these but not
sure how they're loading), is it because my AUTOEXEC.NCF file still has the
SERVERID command in it (carryover from the NW51 days)? Should I comment out
or remove the SERVERID command? Is it needed these days? SCMT migrated it
over... but AFAIK I don't use IPX, it's not bound on any of my