Hello all: I have a quickfinder question and I hope this is
the proper forum.

While I know this is NOT SUPPORTED, I have moved all of the
webapps except quickfinder from tomcat4 to tomcat5.
Quickfinder has proven more difficult. Under Tomcat4,
quickfinder could live under sys:qfsearch and tomcat would
work with this directly. However, the only way I have found
to get qf to work in tomcat5 is to copy the qfsearch
directory to sys:tomcat/5/0/webapps (along with some trival
file modifications).

I have this setup working on a test server. The issue I
face is whether or not I can break up qfsearch into two
components, the data (search indices) and the code needed
for tomcat.

Anyone do this?? (or een care about doing this??) Chris