I'm verry happy to se that Novell released Jsr-168 compliant GW portlets as the promised on Brainshare!! Thank you !

by the way, url is :
File Downloads - Developer Community

But now the issue.. They just dont work for me..
I deployed and added gwmail portlet on a page, configured the soap port, poa ip and password and username also url to webaccess.

and reload page..
portlet returns:
Failed login: remote exception

I have Gw 7.0.3, no ssl on soap.
In poa log I can see that the portlet is connecting and gets disconnected a few seconds later, but it dont show any error.

If I
tcpdump -A -l -i bond0 -s 1024 -l 'host linsrv4 and port 7181'
I can see that portlet submits a lot of garbage, (actually it looks encrypted..)
butt I can also see that Soap answer :

HTTP/1.0 500
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 23:46:18 GMT
Server: Linux GroupWise POA 7.0.3
Content-Type: text/html

before disconnect..

So my conclution is that Mail/calendar portlet uses Soap SSL, is that true ?

I have tried five diffrent versions of Liferay..

What can I do more ?

Netstorage portlet seems work, but takes verry long time to add on a page, (maybe because it has a preconfigured IP as is not reacable.. )

Regards Magnus