So after hearing some complaints I thought I would do a simple file transfer test.

I haven't done "external" yet but I will tonight.

So I transfered a file from our main file server, directly attached, inside the office vpn, and external.

Inside the office vpn is done using a router using a public ip simular to our BM server and then running the vpn client to login to the network. Test was done 3 times and the times are an avg.

Directly attached, it takes exactly 2 min every time.

Inside the office vpn took 5 min and 50 seconds.

There is a little more inbetween the client and the server but the packets basicaly go through the linksys router, into a switch in the server room and into the bm server then to the file server.

I was just suprised at how diferent it was. I was expecting maybe 3 min?

Any suggestions to make it faster?