Sorry for the newbie question.

Have Netware 6.5 SP2 with 4.91 client. I having trouble with an application that requires authenication with Active Directory domian. I've added the workstation to the domain and when logging in I made sure that it's set to login to the domain on the Windows Tab. The usernames and password are the same on both sides. Once I login I'm not able to access the application it keeps giving me the "access denied" message when it tries to connect to the Windows 2003 Server where the data is located. The application requires authenication to AD Domain. If I check "Workstation Only" when logging in and then right-click on the "N" and then login to Netware everything works fine.

I'm not trying to syncronize two, I just need it to authenicate. Is there some easy fix for this or do I have to look into using Identity Manager? Are there any other easier solutions?

Thanks in advance!