I am testing the GW7 Gateway on a GW702(NW) and Exchange 2003SP2 installation. I have it basically running, but there are 2 issues that I cannot seem to fix.

as part of my learning, I have determined that I must run the Gateway as an Application, due to the windows Service being unable to run from a NetWare UNC, and I also determined that the Gateway name must be 8 chars. This all works.

At this point, if I initiate a Directory Synchronization, it creates contacts for every GroupWise user in the AD import container, and contacts in GroupWise for any existing Exchange users.

My first issue is that it ONLY creates contacts. It does not seem to be able to "mail enable" existing AD accounts event though they match. It is ignoring the settings in the properties of the gateway-> Import Container "When replicating a mailbox whose primary account does not exist in the domain" if I set it to create a Windows Account. Is this normal?

Second issue is: if I migrate a user from GroupWise to Exchange using the Microsoft Exchange 2003 sp2 Migration wizard, it correctly removes the Contact, and mail enables the AD User account, but the new Exchange account will not synchronize.

The problem is that the directory sync gives errors on every user account that was migrated, and does not create a new contact in GroupWise. Any new user created manually in Exchange does sync and is ok. The verbose log in the Gateway says "DXIN: Ignored: Adding User GW701DO.GW701PO.Bob Brown: Reason-Bad GroupWise proxy".

Taking this message at it's word, I have ensured that the account running the Gateway has full AD and NDS rights, and is explicitly assigned full GroupWise proxy rights.

What does this error message really mean?