I still have major problems getting NSS/OES1-L working reliably on a vmware host with a SAN disk storage. From what i have heard and read many others have the same problems. It seems like NSS is very sensitive to long reply times from the san through Vmware to the guest. Most of the times a timeout seems to result in corrupt sectors on the POOL and a pool rebuild with ravsui is nessesary.

After the POOL is corrupt any user who tries to access a file thats affected trigger a POOL unmount.

I have heard others who have the same problems when the SAN is under heavy load.

One solution which i employ is to have everything on reiserfs filesystem instead on any machine in a vmware enviroment (ncp can serve linux filesystems just fine). Combined with the reiserfs journal turned on (data=journal) this makes for a much more reliable enviroment when in a vmware/SAN setting.

You loose salvage but its better to have complete files than being able to salvage corrupt ones.

Now to my own question:

How do you change timeout settings in NSS? In Linux i just change it in /sys/block/sdx/device/timeout and in Windows its in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Disk\TimeOutValue but for NSS i cant find any similar settings.

Have anyone gotten NSS working reliably in Vmware with a heavy load on the SAN? If so, how?