Good Morning,

We are experiencing an issue where ZAM is report that software is
installed on a PC when it really isn't.

Example: ZAM reporting that ad-aware is installed. A search of the
machine shows no instance of the program. It cannont be seen in add /
Remove Programs and cannot be found in c:\Program Files. The only
reference to the program is in a Registry Key. My guess is that the
program was installed at some point but the uninstall process did not
remove everything. This is not the only program we are seeing this
issue with and we are seeing this on about half of the PCs.

Before we can start the process of sending out reports and telling
users to "get rid" of unauthorized software, we need to ensure the
reports are accurate.

Is there any way to stop ZAM from reporting based on a registry entry

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance