Netware 6.5 SP6
Windows Vista
Windows XP

We have been using Netware CIFS for quite some time as an alternative
method to reach NSS home dirs.

WINS is not configured and our users can access CIFS shares from both XP
and Vista with 'net use' (command prompt) and map network drive(GUI).

We have recently discovered an inconsistency as follows -

If you access a CIFS share from START/run and use the same share path as
with 'net use', the Windows START/run box dynamically seems to discover
the path as you type it in. Sometimes it would appear that Windows
cannot find (and therefore cannot open) the same path with this method.
You might see part of the volume, or no volume at all. Other times it
may well work fine.

'net use' and map network drive seem to be the only consistent way of
getting to the CIFS share every time.

We were wondering if this could be a network oddity, a CIFS on Netware
issue, or Windows compatibility bug?

Has anyone seen this problem?