Hi, all:
I am quite new to Linux.

I am working through the OES2 Linux tutorial guide off of the website.

In seciont 4.4.2, the manual references a spot inside the OES install
and Configuration section of YaST that allows the root user to enable
SSH as an allowed service for LUM enabled users. The part I am
stumbling on is step #3 that references a link on the OES server
configuration page.
"3. Wen the Novell Open Enterprise Server configuration page has
loaded, click the Disabled link under Linux User Management. the
Option changes to Enabled and configuration settings occur."

When I follow the steps, I end up in the product installation page
that allows me to add/remove individual products and/or patterns.
Somehow, I don't think that's where I'm supposed to be.

In iManager, I can find a spot to Create LUM users and groups.
However, for services, iManager lists the allowed services, but
indicatest the list is read only.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to enable services for LUM
users or groups?

Thank you in advance.


Paul M. Muhlbach, A+, CNA, MCSE, MCT
Edmonton, AB Canada